The mission of the Ogaden Youth Forum is to be a voice for the Ogaden youth. OYF aspires:
To create a forum and a safe environment where Ogaden Somali youth can articulate their needs;
Empower Ogaden Somali youth to make decisions for the issues such as education, security, and integration that personally affect them in Toronto and its environs;
And educate them about their rich Somali cultural heritage specially in mastering the ever-useful Somali traditional dance known as Dhaanto so as to have fun and remain physically active.


OYF was successful in receiving a grant from the City of Toronto under the Identify ā€˜Nā€™ Impact Investment Program (INI).
For further information about the project objectives, current implementation and more, please see the OYF website.

For further information about OYF or any of the projects the youth are currently implementing or plan to implement in the near future, please contact us at